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Full-Stack Cloud Developer Software Development

The Company

bootscale is a software development company creating cloud-native B2B SaaS products - we help to extend legacy applications and support SaaS companies by providing them with tools to fill gaps in their application landscape.

The Position

Software development at bootscale is a dynamic job. We are experts at becoming experts in new technologies.

The Requirements

bootscale shares a culture that revolves around respect, openness, collaboration and sharing, continuous learning, and pride in doing high quality work. Why technical are 'should haves' and personal are 'must haves'? Technical skills can be taught but habits are hard to change.

Applicants should
  • Have at least 3 years of professional development experience
  • Be familiar with several programming languages and have in-depth experience with at least one
  • Write clean, logical and simple code and use test-driven development approaches and Agile practices
  • Have a degree in Computer Science or a related field, or professional industry experience
All bootscale developers must have:
  • The ability to be self-managing and self-directed
  • A solution-focused mindset
  • Passion for the craft of development
  • Enthusiasm for automation and efficient style of work
  • A collaborative, team-oriented approach

We at bootscale believe in a professional work attitude - a place where every person can be their genuine self.

Why bootscale?

  • Join a creative team, working in an atmosphere of collegiality, exploration, and respect.
  • Work on a variety of products and help make things better in our daily work.
  • Be part of our startup journey and take a front seat.
  • Receive remarkable benefits including suitable hardware to work with, and self-managed budget for education and training.

Why not bootscale?

  • Looking for a career, defined by hierarchy, headcount, area of authority or titles.
  • Salary, Salary, and more Salary
  • "I'm a [role], I don't sweep the floor."
  • You like gossip, and prefer dishing or tattling with others instead of complaining face to face.

bootscale heißt Cloud.


levigo gruppe
c/o bootscale
Bebelsbergstraße 31
71088 Holzgerlingen


+49 (7031) 4161 - 480